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costume_claim's Journal

claim a costume...
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This is a community for your own bragging rights to say that you've claimed your favorite costume. Yes, you must pick from the multiple costumes.
Accessories claim list
Costumes Claim list
1) only 3 costume claims per user
2) accessories are different than costumes
3) you can have up to 4 accessories
4) I'll ban if you misuse posting access
5) Post the movie/book/musical/play/tv show/etc the costume is from and which character wears it
6) keep it clean, no naughty costume claims...
7) Mods get 4 costume claims and 5 accesories
8) Check the list first, see if it's been taken. I'll be posting often.
9) to make sure you've read the rules, in the subject content, write "mauna loa"
10) advertising in your journal will give you one more claim of either preferance
11) check the claims lists...

I (pedestrian42) am on fairly often, and hope to keep this going. So yea, I'll get to your claim as soon as I can.